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Maikar burl Legend L-16

Maikar burl Legend L-16

Pen Specifications Guide

Honestly, I have little idea as to what this actually is. I found it at one of my favorite suppliers in a dusty old box, and it had the name Maikar written on it in pencil. Using a cross reference book for common wood names, it appears to be a variety of stereospermum fimbriatum from vietnam. So whatever it actually is, it’s very pretty. The two pens in inventory are so close to identical that I’m only photographing one. Side-by-side I can barely tell the difference, and the differences are not worth mentioning.

The section is made of ebonite, and It will come with a Jowo #6, stainless steel nib in the point size of your choice. It will also come outfitted with an international converter cartridge. Should you select the rollerball option, a Schmidt 888 refill will be included.

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