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Amboyna Burl Legend L-16

Amboyna Burl Legend L-16

Pen Specifications Guide

Amboyna burl Comes from Southeast Asia, is one of the most highly sought after woods in the world. It was originally exported from the island of Ambon its namesake.  If you want to get particularly nerdy about it, the word amboyna refers to the burl that comes from any of the species of  pterocarpus Indicus and is not a species in and of itself. Most of the time it comes from the narra tree.  This particular pen Features a piece that is a little bit more yellow than usual. When you place your order, this is the actual pen you will receive.

The section is made of ebonite, and It will come with a Jowo #6, stainless steel nib in the point size of your choice. It will also come outfitted with an international converter cartridge. Should you select the rollerball option, a Schmidt 888 refill will be included.

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