About Nibs and Rollerballs

Watch a video on how to clean your nib and feed here

SHOP EXTRA NIBS HERE  or SHOP EXTRA ROLLERBALLS HERE *each pen comes with your choice of nib, but some of you like variety, so go ahead, get both the EF AND 1.5mm!

RKS pens come in both Rollerball and Fountain options.  All the rollerballs use German-made Schmidt 888 Safety Ceramic Rollerball Plastic Tube refills, which is called a “universal” pen size, available online.  You may find various point sizes online as well.  

 My smaller pens take a #5 (Haiku, Limerick, Classic, Legend L-10 and Quatrain -not it’s larger counterpart) while the larger collections use the #6 size nib (Grand Quatrain, Epic, Ballad and Legend L-14, L-15 and L-16).

I have made a handwriting sample using all of our nib sizes (in a #6, but expect the same point size and line variance from a #5)  for your consideration.

Extra Fine nib (EF): ideal for small handwriting, elegant.

Fine nib(F): a great choice for most handwriting.

Medium nib(M): our most popular nib, more noticeable than the above.

Broad nib(B): best for larger handwriting.  Broad nibs make a statement.

For line variation, select a stub italic nib.

1.1mm stub nib

1.5mm stub nib *not available in 18k gold nibs

E-mail me at: ryan@ryankrusac.com

These are writing samples using all of the nib options. Gold nibs are not available in 1.5mm stub italic.