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Naturally Shed Moose Antler legend L-15

Naturally Shed Moose Antler legend L-15

Pen Specifications Guide

Few things are as beautiful as antler. Each piece has it’s own markings and coloration ranging from pure white to dark, purpleish gray. The character lines on this pen are not cracks, but are a part of the bark or the outside of the Antler. Antler is the fastest growing tissue in the world. A bull moose can grow a set of 80 pound antlers in just a couple of months adding up to one pound of material daily depending on the quality of nutrition he can find. Every year Moose shed their antler and grow a new pair making this material completely sustainable and renewable. When you place your order, this is the actual pen you will receive.

The section is made of ebonite, and It will come with a Jowo #6, stainless steel nib in the point size of your choice. It will also come outfitted with an international converter cartridge. Should you select the rollerball option, a Schmidt 888 refill will be included.

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