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Log Wood Burl Legend L-15

Log Wood Burl Legend L-15

Pen Specifications Guide

Yes, I know they weren’t feeling very creative when they came up with a name logwood (as if there is any other kind). It comes from southern Mexico and has been used for making dye and ink for centuries. You can still find Logwood powder on Amazon to make dye or ink.  Overtime, this will darken into a beautiful deep orange/burgundy. The more you use it, the more the luster will increase. This is the actual pen you will receive.

The section is made of ebonite, and It will come with a Jowo #6, stainless steel nib in the point size of your choice. It will also come outfitted with an international converter cartridge. Should you select the rollerball option, a Schmidt 888 refill will be included.

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