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Fafnir’s Revenge L-16 5/150

Fafnir’s Revenge L-16 5/150

Pen Specifications Guide

For those of you who followed my work, you are aware of my first dragon pen, called The Dragon Slayer, which is an illustration from the third act of Wagner‘s opera, the ring of Nibelungen, wherein the third act, Siegfried slays the dragon Fafnir. After watching the movie Inglourious Basterds on an airplane coming home from the California Pen show, I decided this opera needs an alternate ending. Fafnir revenge was born. In the scene we see the dragon Fafnir winning the battle as Sigfried’s smoking boots, broken sword, and his shield with a bite taken out of it lay on the mountain side while Fafnir is enjoying a tasty snack. The artwork is engraved into naturally shed moose antler, and the cap is made of Bolivian Rosewood with dragon skills engraved.  This is a limited edition of 150 pieces. This is the actual pen you will receive.

The section is made of ebonite, and It will come with a Jowo #6, stainless steel nib in the point size of your choice. It will also come outfitted with an international converter cartridge. Should you select the rollerball option, a Schmidt 888 refill will be included.

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